Products and services

Microwave Links

Microwave links provides fast and easy realization of high capacity wireless data connection on a long distance between two communication…

Radon Program

TERA systems provides measuring and regulation of radon concentration in buildings. Wide choice of data connectivity and viewing of measured…

IoT Program

The MONTES IoT program is a monitoring solution that monitors your assets or measures environmental conditions such as temperature, radon,…

Home Telephones, Doorbells

Replacement of doorbell systems, repairs of doorbells, replacement of "TESLA" doorbells, repairs of intercoms and videophones. Service operation.

PCB Assembling

We assemble Printed Circuit Boards in small and medium batches, both single-sided and double-sided versions, using surface-mounted as well as…

Security Systems

We provide security camera systems, alarm and emergency systems, fire alarm systems, card acces and attendance systems.

Service and Development

We have a long-term experience and well-educated personnel in maintenance and service of wide range radio communication technologies.


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