Actuator TAR 2

Actuator TAR 2 for TERA Regulating Systems

The TAR 2 actuator is the wireless switching unit of the system (wireless relay) which allows directly switching a low power input load or switching control signals of a high power relay which can then switch even very high power inputs. This solution allows locating the actuator near an air-conditioning actuating unit such as a fan located, for example, in the cellar. And the central unit can remain in an accessible place (in the residential part of a building). The actuator is equipped with a memory relay which minimizes consumption because the relay only consumes current during the switching pulse at the duration of 10 msec. This allows supplying the unit from a replaceable lithium battery with an estimated life longer than 2 years of operation.

Basic technical parameters
Radio interface868 MHz
Maximum switching power (actuator)30W DC (1A/30V)
Power supplyLi-Ion battery 3,6 V; 2,6 Ah
Battery life> 2 year