TEBUT – Alarm button

  • Possibility to call for help in case of emergency – The easiest and fastest way to report an urgent health threatening event.
  • Automatic alarms – By pressing the button, the mobile phone of a family member or nurse is called.
  • Calling on multiple phone numbers – Several close people can be alarmed at the same time.

Human life and health are the most valuable things we have to protect. During normal days, there may be situations where we really need the help of others to protect our own health and nobody is close. For example, we may encounter an unexpected urgent health threatening event in the bathroom or in the cellar, or we may even be ambushed. The only thing you can do at this time is to press the button quickly. And this is perhaps the beginning of your rescue.

Our MONTES service will automatically call family members or nurses on their mobile phones when the button is pressed on a small lightweight wireless pendant. The pendant can be easily worn on the neck or anywhere else.

It is easy

  • Pendant is wireless, small in size and maintenance-free – With a weight of only 30 grams does not bother the wearer. Can also be used during bathing.
  • The button can be used repeatedly – Allows up to 30.000 presses without changing the battery.
  • Automatic service of calling for help – Have you been affected by a health threatening event? Did you hurt yourself badly? Press the button to call for help from your loved ones.
Technical specifications
Button pressimmediate alarm (automatic phone call)
LEDred (indication of button press)
Accelerometeroptionally as a motion sensor
Temperature sensoroptional
Light sensoroptional
Operating temperature-40 °C to +60 °C
CoverIP 68
Baterry1.500 mAh (up to 30.000 messages)
Dimensions81 mm x 29,5 mm x 12 mm
Weight30 g
CategorySIGFOX RC1-6