TEDIS – Containers fullnes monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of the fullness state of silos and tanks – All data online and clearly in one place.
  • Checking for correct filling – Information about filling time and replenishment quantity.
  • Alarm messages in case of stock theft – During an unauthorized removal immediate alarm on the user’s mobile.

Even nowadays, full of technologies, there are still many tanks and silos in the field that do not automatically provide information about the state of their filling. Material or feed in the form of granules or grains is irregularly removed from the containers. Scheduling replenishment is thus a complex process that also requires a physical on-the-spot check, which significantly increases operating costs.

Our wireless distance meters allow non-invasive monitoring of the current state of fullness of tanks and immediately report any changes to the user. You will find out not only the exact time of emptying or replenishment the tank, but also the total quantity change. In addition, if someone starts to remove supplies illegally, you will receive an instant notification in the form of an automated phone call.

It is easy

  • Wireless sensor, small in size and maintenance-free – It is sufficient to fix the probe with the prepared fixtures on the silo structure.
  • Presentation of data on the web (online reports) – All tanks and silos are in one place and accessible from anywhere.
  • Automatic early warning service – A thief spilling out of silo? External company added little? The user is immediately informed.
Technical specification
Measuring range40 cm – 12 m
Resolution1 cm
Accuracy±5 cm (0.1 m – 6 m), ±1% (6 m – 12 m)
Type of materialsloose fillings, uneven surface
Period5 min (default, adjustable)
Operating temperature-15 °C to +60 °C
CoverIP 65
Reliabilityprotection against dirty, temperature compensation
Battery2x AA 3.6 V, 2 600 mAh (lithium)
Battery life1 year (for default settings)
Dimensions145 mm x 64 mm x 40 mm