TEDOOR – Unauthorized entry guarding

  • 24/7 door opening monitoring – Additional door movement monitoring. User authorized by a wireless key fob.
  • Alarm notification in case of unauthorized passage (without key fob) – Immediate alarm on the user’s mobile phone in the form of an automated call.
  • Information about the total number of openings – Daily summary of the number of door openings for service purposes.

The most common way a burglar enters a dwelling or apartment is to pry out the front door or main door in the hallway. Buying a robust security door for protection is not totally cheap, and such doors are not suitable for all types of entrances.

Our MONTES service gives the user a tool to guard the various entrances. A small wireless sensor is mounted on the door to monitor every movement of the door. If opening (or prying) occurs, the sensor will search for the user’s key fob in the vicinity. If it is not found, an alarm message is sent immediately and the user’s mobile phone rings as an alert. So, it is quick critical information that someone is breaking into the building. The sensor is not a lock. The user must still lock the door with his standard key as before.

It is easy

  • Wireless sensor, small in size and maintenance-free – The sensor is subsequently adhered to the door or already installed in the door directly from the manufacturer.
  • Two wireless key fobs included – There is no need to enter the application or press the button, authorization by key fobs is done automatically.
  • Rapid alert service (alarm) – Has the thief pried the front door? Has anyone got into your cellar? You have information immediately.
Technical specifications
Opening detectionmotion probe
Number of openingsservice numerical detail
Key fob detectionup to 4 m (-80 dBm)
Operating temperature-20 °C to +50 °C
CoverIP 65
Battery2x AA LR6 1.5 V, 2 700 mAh (alkaline)
Dimensions116 mm x 68 mm x 18 mm
Key fobs
TechnologyiBEACON BLE 4.0