TEGAS – Monitoring of gas leak

  • Natural gas leak monitoring – Continuous detection to prevent explosion.
  • Automatic shutdown of the supply – The emergency safety valve immediately shuts off the gas supply.
  • Immediate alarm notification – Several mobile numbers can be alarmed at the same time.

Gas leaks in residential, office or storage areas with a subsequent explosion are responsible for considerable damage to property and, in some cases, unnecessarily wasted human lives. One of the main reasons is the unrealized mandatory service of gas boilers and heaters, but it can also be accidental leaks from leaking pipes. While the solution is easy and affordable. A small wireless sensor is placed in the monitored area, which automatically closes the supply by means of an emergency valve when an increased but still non-explosive concentration of natural gas is detected.

In addition, our MONTES service will automatically call the owner, operator or user of the affected areas on a mobile phone. The client can immediately decide how to react and whether to call for help.

It is easy

  • The sensor is wireless, small in size and maintenance-free – Installation ideally at the ceiling (natural gas rises).
  • Emergency valve in various diameters – Connected to the gas detector by cable. The valve can be operated manually.
  • Automatic early warning service – Are you in danger of an explosion in your home? Our solution will save you in time.
Technical specifications
Indicated gasnatural gas (methane CH4)
Indication alarm20 % LEL, 10 000 ppm, 1 % by volume
Alarm indicationalarm message, LED light, audible warning
Power supply230 VAC (adapter 230 VAC / 15 VDC)
Operating temperature-10 °C up to 50 °C
CoverIP 20
Dimensions70 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm (electronics)
150 mm x 120 mm (valve)
CategorySIGFOX RC1 868 Mhz