Policy of TESLA, joint-stock company

Main pillars of company

  1. Long-term cooperation with partners
  2. Highly qualified team
  3. Responsibility towards the environment and working environment
  4. Abidance of legal and other requirements

Compliance with the following principles is the guarantee of high-quality products and successful future of the company

  • Provide new opportunities in the area of telecommunication to our main client, Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
  • Cooperate with other strong partners on further interaction and development
  • Broaden and diversify clients portfolio
  • Comply with clients requirements in the area of development and production of our products with regard to their overall satisfaction
  • Pass long-term experience and knowledge of our experts from generation to generation
  • Educate employees in the area of new trends and opportunities of telecommunication technologies
  • Ensure improvement of working conditions especially for the key employees and the bearers of know-how
  • Comply with legal and other requirements
  • Constantly improve so as business success increases and working environment permanently reduces alongside
  • Provide our customers with the assurance of maintaining confidentiality and data availability of through information security level increase
  • Provide our employees with suitable working environment ensuring injury and emergency prevention