TEBIKE – GPS tracker for cyclists

  • Guarding the bike in the absence of the owner – The sensor immediately responds with an alarm message to any movement of the bike.
  • The sensor is invisible to thieves – Installation inside the handlebars (diameter from 18 mm)
  • Automatic detection of a cyclist’s fall – Immediate transmission of situation and location information (GPS) to the family or selected contact.

Interest in cycling is increasing every year, which is unfortunately associated with a growing number of bicycle thefts. The family budget for the purchase and equipment of bicycles is an unmissable item, so it is very desirable to guard the bicycles effectively. TESLA offers a unique solution that is unrivalled, yet easy to use.

Our GPS device hides directly in the handlebars, making it invisible to thieves. If the thief touches the bike, the sensor in the active state immediately calls the user’s mobile phone. In the mobile application, you can track the current position of the bike online on the map in case the thieve manages to ride away.
The device can also recognize the fall of the cyclist. In this case, it sends an alarm notification with the exact position of the fall to a contact mobile phone, e.g., a relative. It is thus possible to help the injured cyclist quickly.

This solution can also be purchased as part of the additional bicycle insurance service with a 24/7 assistance service.

It is easy

  • The bike gets armed or disarmed automatically based on the user’s presence – In addition to the automatic mode, the button in the mobile application can also be used.
  • The application also includes reports on rides and conditions – It serves as a confirmation for insurance companies as well.
  • It can be operated up to one week (up to half a year in sleep mode) – Easy charging from the side of the handlebar grip (thin connector). Low battery reported automatically.
Technical specification
Accuracy< 2,5 m
Cold start< 35 s
Warm start1 s
Speed measurement accuracy< 0,1 m/s
Motion detection sensitivity0,1 G
Bluetoothautomatic guard mode
Provozní teplota-40 °C to +60 °C
Battery3x 14650, 2040 mAh
Chargingcirca 6 hrs (0,3 A)
Dimensionssuitable for handlebars from 18 mm in diameter