TESLA history

History in facts

  • 1921 – company called Electra established
  • 1932 – the company was bought by Philips – production of radio receivers
  • 1945 – production of light bulbs, vacuum tubes and radio receivers started
  • 1946 – national enterprise called TESLA, low voltage, and electronic plants established
  • 1958 – production of transistor radio receivers started
  • 1953 – first television transmitter and first directional connection came into operation
  • 1991 – privatization, the company became joint-stock
  • 2008 – majority of Irish financial company
  • 2012 – TESLA company back with Czechs
  • 2018 – the TESLA brand is used by TESLA investiční společnost, a.s., manager of the real estate fund Realita
  • 2022 – sole shareholder TESLA ASSET HOLDING LIMITED, London, Great Britain

TESLA, akciová společnost is the successor of one of the first electro technical enterprises in the former Czechoslovakia. It was founded exclusively with Czech capital under the name ELEKTRA on January 18, 1921. From 1932 to 1945 it became a part of the PHILIPS corporation. The production program ranged from light bulbs, electron tubes, radio receivers, military technology to radio and television transmitters. The corporation has conducted its commercial activities under the TESLA name since March 7, 1946.

The first medium-wave radio transmitter was produced in 1923 and several years later, the first short-wave transmitter, operating on 59 m wave, was installed. The first television transmitter with a 5 kW power output was delivered, including an antenna system, in 1953 and installed in Prague. The first measuring instruments for radio transmitters were produced in 1948, the first measuring instruments for television transmitters were produced in 1954. The first delivery of radio-relay equipment, connecting the television studio with the transmitter, dates back to 1953.

TESLA gradually built up a network of radio and television transmitting centers on the territory of the former Czechoslovakia and it participated significantly in the construction of transmitting centers in Eastern European countries of the former CMEA (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance). Along with transmitters, antenna systems designated according to the requirements of customers were delivered and installed. More than 1,500 TESLA transmitters, on the territory of the former USSR alone, were covered over 60% of all radio and television broadcasting at the end of 20th century. Many radio transmitters were sold to Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Syria in spite of competitive offers from other producers.

TESLA, akciová společnost is also a renowned producer of military technology. This production started as early as World War II. Rapid progress began in the second half of the sixties due to the development of radio-relay equipment ordered by the Czechoslovak Army. After a slump in the beginning of the nineties, which is attributed to the division of Czechoslovakia into two countries and the transformation of the economy, recovery took place due to the development of an entirely new generation of radio-really equipment. TESLA, akciová společnost is presently the general supplier of the stationary telecommunication network for the Army of the Czech Republic.