Job-order Development

Design and production of radio relay links

  • free license and licensed frequency bands up to 40GHz
  • PTP HCLOS links with modulation up to 256 QAM
  • data traffic PDH,SDH,ETH with aggregate transmission capacity up to 400 Mbit/s
  • algorithms of ACM, XPIC, FEC, ATPC, FrA, protected mode, etc.

Design and production of antenna systems

  • We are able to develop antennas and antenna arrays up to 40GHz. In the printed antennas we have practical experience with 8×8 antenna elements arrays (5GHz). We have more than 8 years of experience in designing antennas for specific side lobes level. Currently, we also develop the SIW antenna structures. We cooperate with the Department of Electromagnetic Field of Technical University in Prague and Brno and we are working on a system with switchable antenna beam width. We also participate in grant programs.

Design and production of microwave modules

Active modules:

  • Low power / low noise amplifiers – up to 40GHz
  • Middle-power amplifiers – up to 10W, up to 10GHz
  • Mixers – up to 40GHz
  • Frequency multipliers / dividers – up to 40GHz
  • Detectors – up to 40GHz
  • Tunable frequency sources (synthesizers) up to 2.5 GHz, frequency range ca. 10%, frequency step from 10 kHz to 2 MHz, very low phase noise, high spectral purity
  • Frequency sources for analog systems with FM
  • Frequency generators up to 2.5 GHz, frequency range ca. 2%, ultra low phase noise, high spectral purity
  • Frequency sources for digital systems with QAM, optional with frequency multiplier, up to 25 GHz
  • Receivers for digital systems with QAM, input frequency up to 40 GHz, IF output 140 MHz standard, up to 4GHz optional, RSSI, high input dynamic range, optional frequency step

Passive modules:

  • Couplers – up to 40GHz
  • Diplexers / Multiplexers – up to 40GHz – planar (microstrip), coaxial, waveguide, etc.
  • Filters – up to 40GHz – planar technology (microstrip, SIW), waveguide
  • Transitions from planar technology to waveguide up to 40GHz

Software design a simulation:

  • We are the license holders of CST (computer simulation technology – since 2005. Using the CST studio we are able to model the electromagnetic field distribution on any structure (filters, diplexers, antennas, transitions, couplers, resonators, waveguides, etc.) and achieve very good accuracy. We have 8-year experience in simulation process tightened into practical results.

Design and production of signal processing and data interfacing

  • synchronous and asynchronous logic design up to 500 MHz
  • VHDL programmable devices PLD,CPLD,FPGA
  • multiplexing and demultiplexing data traffic
  • clock management and communication bus control
  • 10/100/1000 ethernet solution
  • modulation and intermediate frequency circuits

Design and production of control systems and PC applications

  • system and program design of microprocessors and control interfaces (I2C, UART, IO, SPI, ADC, DAC, PWM, etc.)
  • complete embedded application with ARM processors (Linux, WEB, SNMP, etc.)
  • network configuration; PC control via . NET platform
  • PC applications for OS Windows connect to equipment via USB and COM
  • programming languages C, C++, PHP (MySQL), Javascript, etc.

Design and production of power supply

  • switched powers up to 250W
  • elimination of spurious emission

Design and production of custom electronics

  • complex design and production according to individual customer requirements
  • right solution and devices solution
  • software application
  • testing and certification

Testing laboratory

HF/microwave measurement

  • scalar analysis (SWR,GAIN,attenuation, …) 10 MHz-26,5 GHz
  • vector analysis (s-parameters) 100 kHz-50 GHz
  • spectrum, phase noise, … 30 Hz-50 GHz
  • microwave power from -70 dBm up to 50 GHz

Climatic chamber measurement

  • measurement in temperature interval -35°C až + 60°C

Data analysis

  • measurement of data traffic characteristics PDH and SDH (error rate, jitter,signal shape, …)
  • measurement of ethernet ports (RFC 2544)
  • measurement of optical ports