PCB Assembling

We assemble Printed Circuit Boards in small and medium batches, both single-sided and double-sided versions, using surface-mounted as well as standard mounted components.

Surface-mounting in anti-static environment

  • Assembling is done exclusively in anti-static environment.

Assembling Methods

  • We use a modern FOX 1 machine with height measuring and camera vision system, placing up to 4 500 components per hour.
  • We are able to place components up to size 0201, QFP packages.
  • We can place BGA packages with ball pitch at least 1mm with the option of an external RTG check.

Soldering Methods

  • Vapour-phase soldering using ASSCON VP32, with PCB dimensions up to 295 x 350mm.

Printed Circuit Board Design

We can design multi-layered PCBs according to customer’s materials and requests in standard GERBER format for subsequent PCB manufacturing.

  • We use the EAGLE design system that allows for e.g. “Blind” and “Buried” via types, arbitrary number of layers, specific outline shape or any other special requests.

PCB Manufacturing

According to customer’s requests we arrange manufacturing of multi-layered PCBs.

  • We are able to arrange manufacturing of PCB with up to 12 layers including flexible printed boards, using FR4 boards or special materials e.g., ROGERS4350B and laser-cut SMT stencils.