RR 2202 – small digital radio relay station

Main Features

  • Frequency range 2025-2070 and 2200-2245 MHz
  • Standardized data interfaces (E1, ETHERNET)
  • Auxiliary data channel
  • Extensive built-in test equipment (BITE)
  • Remote control based on SNMP protocol
  • Easy configuration with fill gun
  • Small dimensions, rugged mechanical construction
  • Split, indoor or outdoor installation possible
  • Distance between indoor and outdoor unit up to several hundred meters
  • User friendly operation with PC or control terminal
  • Electronic counter counter measures
    • Forward error correction (Reed-Solomon)
    • Automatic transmitter power control
    • Frequency agility

RR 2200 is designed for building reliable digital radio relay links with transmission capacity 2 Mbit/sec in the frequency band 2,2 GHz on a lower level of organizational units.

The station can also be used for a connection of special communication (and other) units to the integrated tactical/operational communication system OTKS/TAKOM.

Technical specifications and standardized interfaces ensure connectivity with other technical means of OTKS system and also facilitate the connection of other data terminals using radio relay link for mutual interconnection.

Design of the station facilitates application in different types of communication containers as well as a stand-alone unit.

Operational frequency range
Tx (Rx)2025 ÷ 2070 MHz
Rx (Tx)2200 ÷ 2245 MHz
Synthesizer step125 kHz
Rx / Tx spacing130 ÷ 220 MHz
Transmission capacity2048 kbit/s
Digital interfaceG.703/E1, 10/100BASE-T, (SHDSL optional)
EOW channel32 kbit/s
Auxiliary data channel64 kbit/s
– interface10BASE-T
Total data rate2304 kbit/s
Forward error correctionReed-Solomon (256/239)
Radio bit-rate2468 kbit/s
Output power
– nominal level33dBm
– control range manual-20dB steps 1dB
– ATPC20 dB
Frequency stability< ±10 ppm
Spurious emissions< -50 dBm
Threshold for 10-3 BER-91 dBm
Max. level of input signal-20 dBm
Intermediate frequency140 MHz