RR 300 and RR 1600 – tactical radio relay station

The RR 300/1600 are designed for digital radio relay links in tactical networks in frequency ranges NATO I (225 – 400 MHz) and NATO III (1350 – 1850 MHz) with data rates according to EUROCOM (256, 512, 1024 kbit/sec) and ITU/T (2048 kbit/ses) Recommendations. The stations are easily operated by a buit-in keypad and display or over Network management system. Electronic counter measures include adaptive power control (APC), frequency agility and further features. The stations are equipped with engineering order wire and further service channels.

Due to the compact, modular and rugged mechanical construction and state of the art components and technologies implementation, high reliability and low life cycle cost are achieved.

The stations successfully passed through mechanical and climatic tests in conformity with ČSVN (Czech Military Standarts – equvivalent of MIL Standards) and through tests of electromagnetic compatibility as well.

Tesla a.s. also supplies all other accessories like several types of masts, antennas, low attenuation antenna feeders resistant to mechanical stress, lightning protectors and cable reels.

Main Features

  • frequency ranges 225-400 MHz, 1350-1850 MHz
  • transmission capacity and interfaces according to EUROCOM and ITU/T Recommendations
  • several service channels
  • extensive, microprocessor controlled built-in test equipment (BITE)
  • remote control from Network management system
  • easy configuration with data carrier (fill gun)
  • user friendly operation
  • implementation of state of the art components and technologies
  • rugged construction
  • electronic counter counter measures (APC, frequency agility, FEC)
RR 300RR 1600
Frequency range225 ÷ 400 MHz1350 ÷ 1850 MHz
Channel spacing125 kHz125 kHz
Minimum RX/TX spacing40 MHz50 MHz
Transmission capacity256, 512, 1024, 2048 kbit/s256, 512, 1024, 2048 kbit/s
Interface (automatic detection of data rate)256, 512, 1024 kbit/s – EUROCOM256, 512, 1024 kbit/s – EUROCOM
2048 kbit/s – ITU-T2048 kbit/s – ITU-T
System gain133/134/129/126 dB131/129/127/124 dB
Added capacity128 kbit/s128 kbit/s
Radio transmission rate (RR300 without FEC)384,640,1152,2176 kbit/s
Radio transmission rate (RR1600 with FEC)768,1240,2304,4352 kbit/s
Output power
RR 30010 W
RR 16005 W
Output power control automatic (APC) / manual20 dB – 1dB steps
Harmonic attenuation60 dBc
Spurious attenuation80 dBc
Frequency stability1 ppm
Noise Figure
RR 3007 dB
RR 16006 dB
Image rejection ≥ 80 dB
Intermediate frequency2308 MHz, 70 MHz
Other Specifications
Service channelsEngineering order wire 16 kbit/s – EUROCOM
Digital service channel 16 kbit/s – EUROCOM
Remote control channel 19,2 kbit/s – V.11
Control and supervisionBasic keypad/display interface
Extensive built-in test equipment (BITE)
Station configuration with data carrier (fill gun)
Remote control from Network management system
Electronic counter counter measuresAdaptive power control (APC)
Linear front-end
Automatic frequency agility (automatic returning to another from 10 pairs of preset RX/TX frequencies)
Forward error correction FEC (RR 1600)
Power Supply, Dimensions, Weight
Supply voltage27 V (+10% -15%)
Maximum power consumption
RR 300< 170 W
RR 1600< 150 W
Dimensions w × h × d419 × 266 × 350 mm (unit fits in standard 19″ rack)
Weight32 kg
Environmental Conditions
Operating temperature range-30C ÷ +50C
Storage temperature range-50C ÷ +65C
Waterproofimmersion up to 1 m
Mechanical and climatic stressaccording to ČSVN 01105
Electromagnetic compatibilityaccording to ČSN, IEC, MIL-STD-461, 462