TESLA Security Systems

Since 1991 we have been offering the service – people’s and property’s security system. Since this time we have had a special section in our company – furnishing security system. We had extended our activities therefore we are able to carry out complete equipment of various objects (small or big).

We fully respect the customers claims – systems and their assembling and other following service.

Quality of our work is guaranteed by ISO 9000. The company and its special workers obtained the certificate of National secure office for secret relations.

Products and services

  • electronic alarm system – detection of disruption in and out room
  • electronic fire-security system – detection of possible fire
  • access systems – checking of accesses to spy regions, employees access
  • camera systems – secure and technological spy of room
  • system of in-phones and videophones – electronic keeper
  • equipment of firms or public parking – automatic crossbars and gates, parking lot machines, cash terminals
  • structural cabling mains used particularly for computer nets and phones