TESMO – Smoke detection

  • 24/7 smoke detection – Easy and effective control of smoke in homes and buildings.
  • Fast alarm notification – Immediate alarm to the user’s mobile phone in the form of an automated call.
  • Information on possible fire – Early reaction can prevent the spread of fire and consequent damage.

It is said with exaggeration that it is better to burn out than to move. We certainly don’t think so. To experience a household fire is definitely not enviable. Property damage tends to be fatal and arguing with an insurance company is not exactly fun either. Moreover, if it burns during the night, it is crucial to save your bare life.

With the help of a small sensor, our MONTES service will immediately notify you of the presence of smoke in the home, office, restaurant or common technical room. If smoke comes into the sensory part of the detector, MONTES will immediately call you on your mobile phone so you can quickly escape or prevent major damage. The alarm is accompanied by a strong beep so that neighbors can also react.

It is easy

  • The sensor is wireless, small in size and maintenance-free – The sensor can be attached to the wall or ceiling of the room using screws.
  • Option of additional measurement – In addition to smoke detection, the sensor also offers temperature and humidity measurements.
  • Automatic early warning service – Has your kitchen burned? Lightning set the house on fire? You have information immediately.
Technical specifications
Smoke detectionOptical detection based on light scattering principle
Volume> 85 dB in 3 m
Temperatureresolution 0.2 °C
Humidityresolution 1%
Buttonalarm off / test function
Operating temperature4 °C to +45 °C
CoverIP 20
Battery2x Lithium battery
Dimensions105 mm x 105 mm x 30 mm
Weight150 g