TEUS – Water level monitoring

  • 24/7 water level monitoring of rivers and canals – Information on changing the flow rate with a quick reaction option.
  • Checking the level in tanks, wells and reservoirs – Regular automatic reading of fullness.
  • Alarm messages in case of danger – Immediate alarm on the user’s mobile phone when the limit state is exceeded.

The increasingly extreme weather places much more emphasis on monitoring watercourses and reservoirs. In rainy periods, there is a danger of rapid flooding of parts of municipalities and cities during floods, which leads to a threat to the population. On the other hand, information on currently available water supplies is crucial in dry periods, when there is a danger of fires in nature. Prolonged droughts require controlled and careful management of water resources, also in terms of consumption planning.

Our wireless ultrasonic probes can reliably monitor water level in watercourses and in tanks or natural reservoirs and present data to the user via a well-arranged web site. In case of unexpected situations, we will alert the user with an automated phone call.

It is easy

  • Wireless sensor, small in size and maintenance-free – The sensor can be attached with screws or simply strapped.
  • Option of additional measurement – The sensor offers also humidity and pressure measurements.
  • Clear data presentation on the web – Tables and charts are supplemented with the possibility of data export (e.g., Excel).
Technical specifications
Measuring range20 cm ‒ 7,65 m
Resolution1 cm
Accuracy± 2 cm
Frequency42 kHz
Period15 min (default, adjustable)
Operating temperature-40 °C to +65 °C
CoverIP 65
Battery2x AA 3.6 V, 2 600 mAh (lithium)
Battery life1 year (for the default settings)
Dimensions170 mm x 78 mm x 55 mm