TEUV – UVA radiation monitoring

  • Easy monitoring of ultraviolet radiation (UVA) – Regular measurements, all data clearly in one place.
  • Identification of the need to protect archival materials from UVA – The degree of organic pollution depends on the range of UVA radiation.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of photoactive coatings – Verification of the functionality of the planned application of self-cleaning coatings on facades and roofs of houses and monuments.

The sun is the main source of ultraviolet radiation. The falling UVA component has, on the one hand, a significant effect on the degradation of archives, but on the other hand it helps in the effectiveness of self-cleaning in photoactive coatings of facades. Knowledge of the intensity of the incident UVA component of daylight determines whether this type of protection will be successful and long-term. It is also possible to find out whether the archival or historical monument needs to be additionally protected against UVA radiation, or whether the already used protective window film is still effective.

Our wireless ultraviolet probes reliably measure the intensity of incident UVA radiation. You can easily place the sensors in exposed places, there is no need to run any power or other cable connections. The measured data are archived and presented to the user in a well-arranged web portal.

It is easy

  • The sensor is wireless, small in size and maintenance-free – The sensor can be fastened with screws or just strapped.
  • Long-term monitoring – By default, the battery lasts over 1 year of operation.
  • Clear presentation of data on the web – Tables and charts are supplemented with the possibility of data export (e.g. Excel).
Technical specifications
Spectral range340 nm to 375 nm
Sensitivity1 µW/cm2, temperature compensation
Max. UVA power65 mW/cm2
Optical filterSuppression of the visible spectrum
Period15 min (default, adjustable)
CoverIP 65
Battery2x AA LS14500 3.6 V 2.600 mAh
Battery life1 year (default settings)
Dimensions145 mm x 64 mm x 40 mm (case)