TELEAK – Water leak guard

  • 24/7 monitoring of sudden water leakage – Detection by a narrow “stick” placed on the floor or under the appliance.
  • Alarm messages in case of flood – Immediate alarm on the user’s mobile phone in the form of an automated call.
  • Flood extent information – Indication of the amount of water detected in the “stick” profile.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of frustration when pouring dozens of buckets full of water as a result of a ruptured pipe? Did you calculate desperately property damage after the flood? Whatever your answer is, we have a solution to help you avoid this situation.

Our MONTES service by means of a small sensor monitors any leakage of liquid in your home, office, restaurant or common technical room. Place the sensor’s “stick” on the floor in the monitored room or insert it directly under the washing machine, dishwasher or other appliance. If water enters the “stick” profile, MONTES will immediately call you on your mobile phone, so you can prevent major damage.

It is easy

  • Wireless sensor, small in size and maintenance-free – The “stick” is only placed in the monitored area, the transmitter is attached to the wall.
  • The sensor can be reused – After the “stick” has been dried, another water leak can be monitored. The sensor is not destroyed.
  • Automatic early warning service – Has the pipe broken in the wall? Dishwasher drain leaks? You have information immediately.
Technical specifications
Water leak detectionAlarms: immediate, +1 min, +5 min, +30 min, +2 hrs
Flood statusnumerical detail
Measurement areaup to 57 mm
Test button15 messages per month
Operating temperature0 °C to +50 °C
CoverIP 20
Battery2x AAA alkaline battery 1.5 V
Dimensions18 mm x 6 mm x 120 mm („stick“)
44 mm x 16 mm x 114 mm (transmitter)